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China is peeved. They don’t like the fact that Nancy took a trip to Taiwan and is seemingly supportive of them.

Did Nancy just play piñata with China’s hornets nest or were they ready to blow anyways?

Trump secretly placed fighter planes on the island.

Joe Biden blurted out to a reporter that he would take military action if Taiwan was attacked. Albeit it was some weeks ago the White House immediately said no change in the “China One Policy” had taken place

Mike Pompeo tho not in office has thrown his pro-Taiwan sentiments in the mix.

Numerous US businesses have been Pro China as well as many US athletes.

How will this all shake out? We unfortunately aren’t energy independent now, and our chips for our new cars, appliances and cellphones are made in Taiwan or China.Many of our medications are produced in China.

A bit of a sticky wicket wouldn’t you say???

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Not that I much care what china wants, but they were just looking for an excuse.  They didn't want to blame a republican, and they know that the repugs all hate Pelosi, so it was a good time.  She is an 80 year old woman.  Cannot be too threatening, but they are starting a war.  It might be to divert attention from their pal Putin getting his ass kicked by the Ukrainians.  But Taiwan makes alk of our chips. I don't think that the US will allow that to go quietly to china. 

My assessment is that it will blow over unless someone starts shooting.

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Did you know Nancy took her son. Paul Jr on this Asian tour? He is heavily invested in chip$. He was introduced to all the big wig chip makers while there. He was conveniently seated with the hoi polloi He didn’t just go to the gardens and get dim sum! 

Word is she and Paul Sr sold their recent shares of Nividia before the bill was to be passed. I suppose they stay just within the lines to stay outta trouble.

I always thought Martha Stewart should have had a jailhouse cookbook! Nancy has too many connections to land in jail.


I think nividia has their chips made in Taiwan.  Almost everyone does.  It takes years to bring a new chip plant on line.  Years and years.  And good management to stay productive.   The US has neither the patience nor talent to be a chip manufaturer.  Almost all companies had a manufacturing plant in the US originally.  I hope that they enjoyed their vacation.

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