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I caught my friends with benefits still checking out other women. When I went to uni, I saw that he bumped into his former date (whose info he still has on his socials) and he kept staring at her while she walked past after saying hi to him.

Yesterday, he saw her again and looked wide eyed on seeing her.

Why do this? he's been with me since July and he texts me and comes to sleep with me everyday almost.

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2 Answers

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Again, friends with benefits does not equal a committed or exclusive relationship. He can date, check out, flirt, or sleep with whomever he wants and so can you. Sure it is a bit rude to be blatantly doing it in front of you but he is single and even people in committed relationships check out other people.

 Please find a therapist to help you if you aren't already in therapy. And  then join some sort of activity, hobby, or volunteer somewhere where you might meet someone interested in a relationship and not just hooking up. You don't seem to be cut out for hook up culture and that isn't a bad thing but it does mean you should look for something that isn't going to cause you so much distress with unequal expectations, that isn't fair to you or to your partners and you could be so much happier. 

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You have sex on the first or second "date" with your boyfriends.  You form no lasting relationships other than sex hookups.  You won't ask These boys questions about their behavior--instead, you come her and whine about it to us as if we know you and/or the boys you have sex with. 

Born gave you some good advice.  You need to get some life help.  You need to get a better self-image. You need to have a purpose for your life other than hooking up with boys.  You need to find out who you are and what is inside you that makes or will make you into a quality person.  

Get some help.  Stop asking strangers.

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