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I began seeing this guy since July. We ve been sleeping together since our 2nd date and texting a lot. We even took 2 trips to seaside towns and had lots of fun and sex there

However, there's this one girl he's had a crush or whatever since last year September. he's been on dates with her too but she didn't sleep with him. He tried to make her jealous, get her to chase him and try to act nice to get her but nothing worked.

Once he stops replying to her texts, she stops too.

However, he still has her number saved on Whatsapp and he stares at her each time he sees her. He also makes small talk with her, always asking her whats the news in her life but won't tell her anything apart from being "busy".

Yesterday my friend told me that while both him and my fwb were in the common room, the girl met him and he was asking her about whats happening in her life, saying any news?

She told him school related stuff and funny enough he knew who her professor was (she had mentioned her professor before but that time he said he didn't know but this time he said he sonehow knew) he also was staring at her rather weirdly (fixated gaze on her face) and then he told her he's been "busy".

Why doesn't he tell her he's with me and why is he still talking to her when he won't commit to her. And when he doesn't like her?

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2 Answers

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And why would he be doing any thing that you are asking?  We have already established that he just fucking you.  He has no plans with you other than keeping his penis warm.  From a guys perspective, he is just keeping his options open.  Much like your legs. Lol

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He her?


He likes a lot of women.

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See all the previous answers from the first time you posted this and all the answers you get when you constantly post things similar to this.

It's all the same.  Either ask the guy why... the obvious choice... or mind your own business.  You don't have any claim to any of these boys.  All you do is go out with them a couple of times, have sex with them, and then complain.  Time to either grow up or move on.

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