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My friends with benefits went to see a female friend and a few other friends at their house. They spent the whole weekend there and all the girls and guys were bathing in a pool together.

I'm sure he got laid there as well. The trip wasn't innocent because there were 5 girls and 5 guys and he was mostly in the tub with the girls. I'm sure they had some fun with each other as well.

He told me and shared pics of himself in the tub with his friends and some girls but when he met another girl he's been on dates with (who didn't sleep with him and he still wants her), he didn't tell her about it. He told her other things but omitted this weekend trip completely.

He was also asking her what else is going on in her life.

He knows her since last December. she's not new for him He doesn't text her or see her. They see each other ocassionally at uni and make small talk but otherwise he doesn't. He wanted to sleep with her but it has been over 8 months and she never put out. he's been bitter towards her for that but still keeps talking and has her in his whatsapp

What is he doing? Why tell me but not her?

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See all the previous answers from the first time you posted this and all the answers you get when you constantly post things similar to this.

It's all the same.  Either ask the guy why... the obvious choice... or mind your own business.  You don't have any claim to any of these boys.  All you do is go out with them a couple of times, have sex with them, and then complain.  Time to either grow up or move on.

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Nothing in your description mentions "showering". I have a feeling that being clean is not the issue.

Enjoying time in the hot tub is not the issue either.  If you had been invited and were in the guys tub, would you have complained?

And you don't know if anything happened unless he told you about how many times he got fucked.  Since you said that you imagined that he got laid, I assume that he didnt tell you.

It is possible that nothing happened, his penis stayed in his pants and he is just driving you crazy.  Successfully.  Although he obviously hoped that something would happen.  If he was just interested in getting screwed he could have invited you, or stayed home and fucked you all weekend.

Please quit worrying about this.  You are not important in his life.  He screws you when it is convenient for him while he looks for other women.  If you don't like that, just quit being the easy piece and move on.

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