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What brand of earbuds or headphones do you currently own, if any? Is it noise canceling?

Mine really stopped any outside noise when playing music. I have to walk with one off so I can hear traffic. 
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4 Answers

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I don’t have any! One of these days I’m gonna buy a good pair of noise-canceling headphones to take with me when I fly. Screaming children on an airplane are almost unavoidable! 

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JPT, I'm surprised at that one. 

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I have just a cheap $20.00 wireless pair from Target, I want to say they are JLab. They are not supposed to be noise canceling but do a fairly good job. I walk with one off and keep the volume low because I'm hard of hearing out of one ear. My husband uses a pair of Bose ear buds that are noise canceling.

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I had a pair of JLab earbuds that went for $65 and they were my go to pair working out. Lost in the car accident. 

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I have a cheap set of JLAB headphones that I use at the office sometimes...they are wired, noise cancelling. Pretty much a borderline headset.  Away from the office I have a bluetooth set of Touchbone headphones...not so much noise cancelling and I don't think the sound quality is quite as good as even the cheap JLAB set. 

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I liked the pair I had because they hooked around the ear. JLAB. 

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I have two pair: Apple earbuds that I've had since 2017 that are the only earbuds that seem to fit and stay comfortably. Obviously not noise cancelling. I also have a pair of silver Skullcandy Aviator headphones that I bought like 10 years ago that I keep at my desk, and they still work well enough for me. Plus I just love how shiny they are. But, also not noise cancelling. I'm okay with that.

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Skullcandy... my ace got me a pair way back from college. I used to mix music with them. They have some decent stuff 


Oh nice, yeah I'm still pretty happy with them. But, I also know my headphone expectations are not cutting edge.


As long as they work. I feel you, I'm the same way.

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