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+2 votes

I've been hooked on Sandman on Netflix. 

in Entertainment by (58,560 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

Last night I watched The girlfriend that didn't exist on Netflix. I'm searching for something to watch now.

I spend more time flicking through channels than watching programmes 

by (3,144,740 points)

Good luck with the channel flipping, lol. 

+1 vote

There's a charity concert in town with a Jerry Garcia tribute band that I might go see tomorrow night. As far as TV shows, I've been re-watching Supernatural.

by (701,030 points)

Ohh sounds nice.  Tribute show should be fun....I used to go see Dark Star Orchestra whenever they were in town here.  Pretty awesome Grateful Dead cover band.  Enjoy your weekend. 


It was fun, I'm glad I saw the post for it on facebook and snagged tickets last minute. There is apparently a pretty big Dead community where I live and a few years ago the city started an annual "Jerry Day" as a charity event for The United Way. 

+1 vote

I haven't been able to watch much lately, but I do want to see that new movie Vengeance, looks like it's a good one. And yeah, everyone's talking about Sandman! Gaiman is a treasure. I gotta get on that when my schedule settles down a bit more.

by (79,390 points)

I finished Sandman last night.  So good. Best thing I’ve seen on Netflix in quite some time. 

+1 vote

I just finished Season 4 of "Stranger Things" and I'm also watching Season 3 of "Locke & Key." 

by (2,506,670 points)

I’m watching Locke and Key as well. Just a couple episodes into Season 3. Great show. 


I really like it. It's weird as heck! 

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