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If so how much weight did you lose?

in Diet and Health by (1,006,160 points)

2 Answers

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I once stuck with it for about 5 months and did drop about 35 lbs.  And then I gave up on it and ate all the bread and pasta in the locality and gained 40 lbs. 

by (58,560 points)

I believe it! I have a huge carb addiction. Pasta is the bane of my existence. I am doing pretty well and no longer crave carbs. But then again I don’t tempt myself by going in an Olive Garden or Old Spaghetti Factory! Lol! 

Dropped 20 lbs so far this summer!

+1 vote

I've never tried any "diet" per se, but what has been most successful for me in times where I'm trying to be healthier is focusing on getting the nutrients first, then after I've fulfilled all those needs and am still hungry or whatever, allow myself the indulgences. Fluffy white bread fresh from the oven is just so amazingly delicious, it's dangerous. But I also know trying to avoid it altogether is just asking for a swift failure.

by (79,390 points)
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