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Or, has anyone ever told you that a celebrity or character reminds them of you?

in Just For Fun by (79,390 points)

4 Answers

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When I was younger I looked identical to Jennifer Beals. Yes, I was told that many times.

by (957,050 points)
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Being a bigger guy I’ve always heard the comparisons to big guy actors. Seriously I look nothing like Kevin James at all. And now that I keep my head shaved the last one I heard was Michael Chiklis. I’ll take that over Kevin James. 

by (58,260 points)

I kinda know what you mean! I've worn glasses since I was 9, and in high school most people would just compare me to other people who also wore glasses. But then I primarily switched to wearing contacts so I don't get that problem anymore.

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When Jaws was a popular movie, I heard from my students often about how I looked like Richard Dreyfus.  When Mr. Holland's Opus came out, I not only heard the comparisons again, but some of my students accidentally called me Mr. Holland.  (My real name sounds similar to that.)  I asked them why they were bringing it up.  Their answer was most rewarding: they said that I was one of the teachers in their lives who had made a positive difference, and they associated Mr. Holland with me.  I considered it an honor.

These days, I'm guessing people would say I most resemble Uncle Fester.  ;-)

by (923,180 points)

Dreyfus is certainly a complimentary doppelganger, I'd say! And Mr. Holland's Opus is a beautiful movie. 

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When I was in my twenties, I could look like Clint Eastwood.  I used to go to parties dressed like is western character in the spaghetti westerns.  I bought the same short cigars and had a hat like his.

I think that I aged better than he did, but I might be biased.

by (1,618,630 points)

Wow, iconic! How great to look like someone not only very handsome, but also well known with a particular look that you can play into.

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