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He has multiple women he texts and sleeps with. He goes to their houses, goes on dates, spends weekends with them and texting all the time.

This other girl and him went on 2 dates and he realised by the 2nd date that he wouldnt get any bedroom action. So he stopped seeing her and replying to her, hoping she will text him, chase him and beg after him.

She didnt and ended up not texting him which made him furious yet he continued making small talk with her and also keeping her number saved on Whatsapp.

He used to play manipulative games with her , hoping to get her to chase him again but she didnt.  He also used to give her sleazy looks but after not being in contact with her for 1 month (not seeing her or speaking to her), he has gotten different towards her.

He always stared at her, sometimes even turning back to look at her but these days when she talks with him, he keeps looking at her face. He also looks at her feet, shoes, clothes, the accessories that she wears and just about everything.

He also found out who her teacher was (with whom shes working, earlier when she asked him, he said he didnt know but now he knows so he either google searched him or he found out who he is because his tutors office is beside her teachers office and he obviously remembered what she told him?)

So I dont understand. Wjen he has many girls to sleep with, why is he doing this with this 1 girl?

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5 Answers

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I have addressed this before.

1) Because he wants to.

2) My guess would be he is a sex addict. Compulsive sexual fantasies, actions and behaviors. Interfering with normal relationships.

3) She is a challenge. He most likely has a pathology that you can’t and won’t be able to understand.

In other words a mental condition. That is NOT NORMAL!

Also called Hypersexuality!

The Leftists have left us!

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If you haven't been able to understand with all of the free help you've been getting from people here on this site, it's probably time for you to seek professional help.

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Yes, counseling would be beneficial. A counselor with schooling in mental health can better define his pathology and why she continues in a dead end relationship.

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So you have posted “some version” of this question repeatedly over the summer.

There are roughly 10-15 members answering posts of which nearly everyone has answered at least once.

So why post the same question over and over? Are you hoping someone will give you a positive spin on your fwb?

I really doubt there are anymore people to reply.

But ask on, but you will get the same answers.  Sigh

The Leftists have left us!

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See all the previous answers from the first time you posted this and all the answers you get when you constantly post things similar to this.

It's all the same.  Either ask the guy why... the obvious choice... or mind your own business.  You don't have any claim to any of these boys.  All you do is go out with them a couple of times, have sex with them, and then complain.  Time to either grow up or move on.

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Why not?  And why do you care?  He is fucking every woman that he can, most of which seem to be pretty easy.  Time to look in a mirror.  But has found one that is resisting his charms.  She has become a challenge.  It doesn't mean anything more that he wants her as a trophy.  He doesn't want her for anything but sex, but adding her to the harem is attractive to him.  There is always time to fuck one more woman. 

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