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I overlooked some key vegetables and store bought tomato sauces!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

I struggle to get my fasting glucose below 100!

What am I likely to be doing wrong?

I don’t eat table sugar at all and have omitted all processed foods, deleted pasta, bread stuffs, all pastries, candy, pop, fruit drinks!

I am not giving up but evidently I am missing what may be obvious to others.

I am doing the Keto diet and have lost several clothing sizes and weight.

My last A1C was 5.9 was hoping it would be lower!!

What books, references materials do you go by to keep your daily elimination diet on track???

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1 Answer

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Don't know if you could do it but I can do 30 minutes of intense physical workout out, and I mean to the point of failure, and my blood sugar levels will drop from very high to non-diabetic within one hour. Eating anything with high sugar levels now makes me feel sick so I no longer have a problem avoiding them.

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  Great answer! When I was able to work out at the gym (before I got disabled) I had o problem with my sugar or cholesterol. I am now very limited in my physical activity, (Sedentary)  :Therein may lie the problem??


Yeah. Diet and mild exercise like walking doesn't do it for me. Hope you find a solution.

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