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Not so great. I've been repainting my house and I'd finished the living room last week so last Friday I went to move furniture back where it belonged and screwed up my knee again. It made an audible crunch and now I'm back to not being able to bear weight on that leg and in a brace until it heals again.
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Aww that sounds rough...I hope it recovers quick. 


Thanks! I originally hurt it 4 years ago and it took months to heal and still flares up. I'm pretty sure this time I've set myself back to where I was with the original injury so I'm anticipating it taking months again. 

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Just frigging wonderful..

Entire family has covid.    

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Brutal :(  Wishing everyone a speedy trip through it. 


I tested positive Friday.    Cough, runny nose. Chills, weak.    Temperature and breathing all normal..


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Just peachy! Thanks!

I mentioned before I have been trying Keto lifestyle change. ( permanent)

So far my sugar is at about 100 fasting! Maybe not earth shaking but roughly down 27 pts for me!

Blood pressure: 116/59

Pulse: 62

Waist reduction: 8 inches

Weight loss: 20lbs total

I was really getting apprehensive where my key numbers were going!

Bonus: No hunger pangs or need to eat junk, just lost the urge!

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Awesome stuff lady, keep it up!


Thanks King!


Thanks, Prodigal Son!

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Learning a new position at work. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience.

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Congrats man, that's great. 


Thanks. I enjoy challenges. It brings me alive

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Pretty great, I went on a much needed camping trip. It was good to get away and be outside.

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First week home from my summer destination. Still getting settled but it feels good to be home again.

 Ground Hogs Day was one crazy movie, lol!

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