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Thoughts and prayers. 

She has gone, long live the King 

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Just received word on tv that she has passed. May she Rest In Peace.

The Leftists have left us!

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Where will she be buried? Will she lie in state?


She will lie in state for 10 days and buried at Windsor Castle 


I am watching her service of prayer and reflection at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. It is simply perfection and the boy’s choir sounds angelic!

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A long life marked with duty. She did her best. And probably had to put up with a boat load of shit. RIP.

Life is what you make it.

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May Queen Elizabeth rest easy on the wings of eternity. 

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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RIP Queen Elizabeth. One of Thoroughbred Races Greatest Fans.

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My condolences to my friends in the UK on the loss of Queen Elizabeth.   

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