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No? Neither did I until people protesting the Royals have been arrested.

So if the punishment for protests is the same as the punishment for rioting.....????!!!@

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1 Answer

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Well, one should always check the laws as to when ,where or if a protest is legal.

We have a Constitution which gives us our rights! Worth a brief read sometime. Even then some law officers or DOJ ( Dept of Justice) get a bit ahead of themselves and then the lawyers get involved and appeals are argued all the way to the Supreme Court.

Your protestors will probably be thrown in the King’s brig. Who knows how long? Lol!

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They will probably get off with a fine, lucky though 500 years ago they would have lost their head.

The thing is though, a young girl had a sign saying the Queen is a C@@t and got arrested.

Another young girl had the same sign during Trumps visit and didn't.

The POTUS is 100% more powerful but its actually okay to hate him/ her.



Sounds like they take “their” royalty seriously!

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