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Covid or cancer couldn't get me but my dinner could?

It was a garden pea in case you need to know.

Not from my garden, it came out a tin. 

in Just For Fun by (3,141,820 points)

3 Answers

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Now GB, you do realize you wouldn’t have inhaled it if you hadn’t shoved it up your nose, right? 

by (2,506,650 points)
+3 votes

You can bend at the waist. Lean way forward and perform a Heimlich maneuver on yourself!

I have before and a projectile flew out of my mouth. Part of an eaten peanut!

Usually a coughing fit happens after you aspirate a food item and this in itself clears the way.

Pay attention to your heart rate. If it becomes elevated and you begin a fever. See a doctor right away!

Aspirated food can cause pneumonia!

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Lol! You got me!

Did you inhale the tin also?

+2 votes

Oh no! I noticed you posted this an hour ago. Are you still coughing? If you continue to cough after a couple hours I would seek medical help. I had this happened to me with a cough drop before. I was laying down, I fell asleep and ended up inhaling it, I woke up in terror. Thankfully, I mange to work it out. I hope you're OK now!

by (363,560 points)

I'm absolutely fine, I was just playing. I'm a bit weird like that. I did absolutely inhale a pea though. 


Lol, OK! Thanks for letting us know. I'm now relieved, lol. Nice thing about a pea is it dissolves a lot quicker than an cough drop does, yikes.


At least I got a reaction, I sent the same thing to my sister and she just sent back laughing emoji 


 Your sense of humor/humour is something that I'm yet to get to know, Belle! :D


I'm a conundrum but most folk wouldn't have me any other way 


I'm also quite playful! Personalities are often hard to get in these type forums, so it's good to know that about you. :)

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