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I've had an Roku Ultra for two years. Today I noticed it had a button 1 and a button 2 at the bottom. They allow me to watch two different shows at once. You would think I would have noticed this already in two years. Has this ever happened to you? The alternative is believing my helper swapped it out for a roku of hers although I don't know why she'd do this. I already asked. 

She said I was hallucinating. I'm only 66. What do you say? If this is a psychological phenomenon, what is it called?

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2 Answers

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It’s called gaslighting. Your helper seems to helped herself to your Roku Ultra. I seriously doubt you are hallucinating! 

The question is why would she switch them?

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We haven't been getting along lately. She has been with me 8 years. She is saying that things she has said to me were false. Its been happening a lot lately.  it's difficult having her around but it's also difficult getting someone new. I'm stuck in a rut. lol


Perhaps check with your local Social Services.

If you are a Vet, check with the Veterans Administration for leads.

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Why would anyone swap something for an inferior model? You can watch 2 channels at the same time with this equipment, therefore, if this swap did occur, its safe to assume you couldn't with the former one. I think you just haven't realised this equipment has a button you hadn't seen before. 

It is also safe to assume your Helper is pissed that you're making accusations and retaliated with a sarcastic comment 

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