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Please feel free. It's been 6 months and my pockets are empty once more.

For those that donate on a regular basis. Thank you, this isn't necessarily for you.

Keep on truckin'.

in Just Relax by (4,337,411 points)

4 Answers

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You got it, Blue!

: )

by (462,900 points)

Sandy. Triple STAR for you!

+3 votes

Yep, okay.  I appreciate this site even if I'm only here intermittently. 

by (1,016,160 points)

Many thanks Grin. Have a good one!

+3 votes

The Check is in the Mail!

by (340,730 points)

Blue Jay. Again triple STAR for you! Thank you so much!

+3 votes


by (2,506,730 points)

Many thanks JPT. Goes without saying you are the ultimate star!

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