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My fwb has been on dates with a girl at his university last year and I think he has feelings for her which he doesn't show. My fwb has the habit of going on dates and having sex very fast with multiple girls and he wanted the same with her. However, she didnt have sex with him and didnt chase him. This made him very mad but he continued to talk to her in person (she always kept talking to him even though she would stop texting him). He was always bitter but wouldnt let go.

Recently she has been having issues with housing and has not been able to find a place to live in the city. So she told him she was considering going back to her home country.

When she told him, he initially thought she was going away for a week or so to meet family and was like oh ok. But when she told him that she was thinking of leaving for good, he kept looking at her and didn't say a word for a few seconds until he said keep lookin, search. He heard her issues and was saying to be positive, keep looking, how he will also look around etc.

She works and study at the university (he's a student too) and he asked if she can do her work remotely and she said no. He also said be positive and he ll also look around and keep looking. But he looked a bit disturbed.

He also met up with me and other girl for sex and we had a threesome too. Hes also been texting the other fwb a lot.

However after that day he didn't come to uni and he was constantly online on whatsapp but not once did he even text her asking me hows everything going and if I found a place etc.

Instead he was constantly texting other girls. Why doesn't he delete her number when he doesn't care about her? Because no girl will entertain him now when she saw that he didnt do anything, not even a text so why is he keeping her number?

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3 Answers

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I'm starting to think he is not a friend and doesn't come with benefits

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Why not?  Is there some advantage to not having her number?  Or some disadvantage to having it?  Doesn't seem to be.  He still fucks you and apparently others, sometimes seperately, sometimes together.  It seems to bother you that he keeps her number, but not bothering you enough that you don't fuck him anytime that he wants.

If some action has a penalty or consequence then it might be changed.   Otherwise I see no reason for him to change.

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How many people actually care about the answer here?  You.  And... uh...  who else?  Is this YOUR business?  Why do YOU care?

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This reminds me of a Trisha Yearwood song! “She’s in love with the boy”

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