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The media in the UK give Megan and Harry a really hard time, its ridiculous and explains why they stepped down as senior Royals and moved to the U.S 

One of the many criticisms is around them both holding hands in public, yup, its true I tell ya.

So imagine my delight today when the POTUS walked into Westminster Abbey this morning hand in hand with his wife.

The most powerful man on the planet can without a side eye but poor Harry gets it in the neck.

I swear the British aren't normal. 

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Those 2 really get more than their fair share of bullshit, don't they?  It's kind of disgusting. 

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No holding hands Meghan. How many times?!

Life is what you make it.

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It is beyond doubt.  The british are weird.  

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It's much worse than that Welloone. 


Lol.  I take your word on that.  You know them much better than I do. 


No sex please....we're



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From what I had been told, all these archaic rules were for the Royalty only. 

POTUS is not royalty regardless of his wish to be.

All joking aside, the POTUS needs all the guidance, direction and help he can get. Lately he has been overheard repeatedly asking “Which way do I go?” when exiting the stage or trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

He was even photographed grasping the hand of Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan while walking into the event.

The Leftists have left us!

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From what I read only a few people were upset over Megan holding hands with Harry. They said it was improper. However they were not upset by Princess Ann's (Charles' sister) daughter and husband doing the same thing. My guess is that they are just Megan haters and mad she "polluted" royal blood. lol

From what I've read about English history, from all the sex perverts, incest survivors, murderers, rapists, sadists, masochists, adulterers, pedophiles, and assorted other human monstrosities, Megan is the most normal among them. lol


My post was not about Biden. It was about The POTUS who just happens to be Biden at this time. My post was not political. It was highlighting how ridiculous it is that the media gets upset over Megan and Harry.


Oh, excuse me.

The English media seems to be *in the know* about all things Royal including the Queens past edicts on decorum.

Several news outlets have interviewed supposedly experts on the Royal family all week. Seems like Megan was headstrong and like Diana didn’t quite conform to Royal etiquette.

I think Harry being young when his mother faced media criticism and then her death has sort of rebelled against the constraints put upon his wife.

I seriously doubt many commoners would conform completely to these so called rules.


Ha! Lady, in the POTUS defense, I feel that confusion myself when I'm not familiar with a place, and it always happens when I'm at the shopping mall with my wife Mary. My sense of direction is not my strong's always been that way for me, lol.


Hopefully you don’t hold hands with women other than your wife or introduce your sister as your wife or attempt shake hands with no one there?


Yeah, thank God for new technology that tells us where to turn in route of a car trip!


LOL! lady, I only  act like that at our local pub on Thursday nights. My wife is with me so it's all good, lol.


Evidently your wife is more understanding than rigid about protocol! Some gals would get righteously offended by your behavior. Lol. But I am guessing alcohol might be involved?


Yes, my wife gets me, and I get her. We all know each other at the pub too. It's like Cheers, where everybody knows you name. Thursday evenings the wife and I walk down to get a bite to eat, and enjoy a few alcohol drinks and dance with like minded individuals. We are both retired, not looking for trouble. It's a lot of fun. No one is set out to offend. 


Sounds cozy! Lol!

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