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In a cable immediately above metallic sheath ________ is provided.

A. Earthing connection

B. Armouring

C. Bedding

D. None of the above  

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4 Answers

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Time for some heavy metal.

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I think there must be some more context to this question that we are being asked here.  Is this a class about how to do or make wires and/or cables for audio or electronic usage?  Is this class about how to make the large rolls of cables that are used to support a suspension bridge?  Is this a class about how to make metal emblems of wheat, as in "bringing in the sheaths" from the old Metallica hymn?  ;-)

Personally, I would put ground over the cable if it were buried.  If it were a speaker cable, there would be insulation over it.  

If it were subject to animals biting through it, I would provide armoring or protection of some sort.

If it were subject to being inside a mattress for a bed, I'd put bedding over it so it could sleep well.

.... ::shrug:: ...

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I used to sing “Bringing in the Sheeps” in church.

Well, that’s what it sounded like to my 7 y/o mind! Lol.


I had to laugh.  Great story. I am reminded of my college days.  I was enrolled in a Geology class, and we took a field trip to the Wisconsin Dells.  Our professor, Dr. DeVries (a wonderful teacher!) Had us view the layers of stone and sediment that were clearly visible along the banks of the Wisconsin River--sandstone, limestone, shale, more sandstone, sedimentary, limestone, more shale, etc., etc.  

We all duly noted these layers in our notebooks, and then he told us the only reason the coal companies had not strip-mined the area for the shale deposits was because the state had forbidden them to do so, as the area was protected as a state park.  Therefore, we were able to view the area in its more of less pristine state.

Finally, he said the coal companies, denied the ability to do the strip mining, were unable to sing their favorite hymn, -- (are you ready?) --  "Shale We Gather by the River"

<drum rimshot & cymbal crash>

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B.  Armoring.  Protection for the cable.

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