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Donald Trump sued for fraud over family business


Donald Trump and three of his children have been hit by a fraud lawsuit after a New York investigation into their family company - the Trump Organization.

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4 Answers

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Oh dear the Orange Messiah is being persecuted. There's a pattern here 

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True.  Lots of witch's around.  There is some hope that the orange witch will be burned at the stake.  Or maybe give the dunk test.  

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+4 votes

He turned us into newts! But we got better. (If you aren’t into Monty Python…never mind!) 

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Nod's as good as a wink. Say no more.


So long as he doesn't turn us into Gingriches...

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Trump actually claimed he could declassify something "even by thinking about it."



He’s so detached from reality, he thinks he has magic powers. 


Maybe he'll tell us where Jimmy Hoffa is.


That’s what the FBI was searching for at Mar-A-Lago! 

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