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It's a difficult decision!

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2 Answers

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I think the English government needs the tower of London. A good old public beheading. I'd even go to England for that.

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Depends on what is, is right?

It’s like bath water one man or woman may love a hot. hot shower. The other who joins them may yell the water is scalding.

It seems there isn’t much middle ground politically. One group thinks abortion is solely a woman’s choice. Her body her choice.

The other group believes each child has inalienable rights not to be killed in the womb. So either law is going to displease one group or another.

Compromise is a dirty word to both groups as rights are being sacrificed. While government isn’t supposed to interfere with rights of happiness? ( US Constitution ) Whose happiness?

Ethics is always a tough nut to crack. Conservatives have always tended to believe in “peace through strength” Permissives tend to believe in totally placating the enemy to show good will through diplomacy. Permissives believe in redemption of criminals without proof and setting criminals free and or reducing charges. Conservatives believe in the penal system, “Do the crime, do the time!”

Notice I did not say Progressives or Liberals.

Indoctrination in primary school is inappropriate no matter which party pushes an agenda.  This typically isn’t broached until college. Then you can choose a college that represents YOUR values!

In the United States now each state government makes their own laws on abortion. From radically conservative to unbelievably permissive.

The DA  ( district attorney)in each city decides to bring or not bring charges up on criminals. Depending on their core values the criminals can walk free or have the book thrown at them. So yes one group or another will feel the other party’s values are Radical!

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