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+3 votes

I am the only one in my family who prefers ice cubes rather than crushed ice so i wanna know yalls preference

in Just For Fun by (3,230 points)

7 Answers

+1 vote

Ice cubes for me. You know those small plastic containers that hold baby food? I use them as ice cube trays

by (3,116,600 points)
+3 votes

Ice cubes. I grew up with those confounded metal ice cube trays with the metal lever. When you pulled them out of the freezer your hand would freeze to the tray if your hands were the least bit moist or sweaty! Yikes!

by (918,020 points)

OMG! I remember those damn things! Lol! Your hand would freeze to the lever. And I was never strong enough to pull the damn thing anyway. One of my parents always had to come to to rescue. 


Yes, me too. My dad was a strong steelworker and could pop that tray and send the ice cubes flying on the counter top!

Awful! Wet meets frozen is always a bad idea, yikes!

People always overfilled those trays, metal and/or plastic. Reason for the chaos when trying to crack them. Lol!  
+1 vote

Cubes for me.

by (1,002,420 points)
0 votes

It doesn’t matter to me at all. 

by (2,503,630 points)
0 votes
No ice at all for me. I hate it.
by (697,990 points)
+1 vote

Yes! Please! Cubes, crushed, or without. Depends on the beverage type. I never limit myself. And, I love a choice! 

: ) 

by (332,660 points)
0 votes

I used to love piles of cubes. Now, a few to chill it works just fine.

by (1,233,410 points)
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