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I feel like living without being able to do anything really is pointless I'd just chill at a beach house till i die. That's just my thought about it and I want to know what yall would want  and why. And you would be old not like the vampires who look young forever

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6 Answers

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Good grief absolutely not. There are some nights now that I hope I dont wake up in the morning 

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I currently have an immune disorder. At times the pain is constant and intractable. I feel better on strong steroids etc. But steroids long term can cause as many challenges as it temporarily cures, Diabetes for one, brittle bones for another.

I have run the gamut on DMARDS and biologics. They have all failed eventually or not been consistent. I can’t imagine living year after year in more progressive pain for eternity!

The Leftists have left us!

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No. Life is hard & there’s more pain than happiness. 

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No.  I could go at any time and it would be ok.  I only ask that it isn't painful.  Peacefully in my sleep would be perfect.  

Things have been going downhill for a while.  I just found out out that I have Afib.  I have become sort of a medical experimental example.

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I'm sorry about your unfortunate diagnoses, Welloone. Here's hoping you get some treatement & feel better soon. Take care of yourself. 


It is just something that allows them to sell drugs or treatments.  No one can say why it happens or how to prevent it. The drugs all have side effects that can be treated with more drugs. Etc.  On a good day I get to go outside and sit in the sun like a plant.  

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No. It's a long time forever.

Life is what you make it.

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Would I want to live forever, if I could? 

Well, if feeling good to great, and my days are filled with pleasure, old or not,  then I would say yes, definitely YES! Bring on the forever happily ever after! Lol.   

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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