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Each time he gets an anxiety or panic attack, he calls someone after he's calm.

He acts really weird like shaking his head, holding his temples, going back and forth on his chair and constantly ruffling through his hair.

After a while of calming down, he calls someone. I ve noticed he doesn't really listen to the other person, keeping his phone away from his ears at some points.

But does this mean he's with someone?
The only thing is that he hooks up a lot with numerous girls and never tells anyone he's taken. He was also in a hot tub with me and a few other girls a few weeks ago and was hooking up with me and another girl.

He has celebrated Christmas and new year alone and nobody has ever visited him to the uni

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Read, re-read, and then read one more time... all of the answers that have been posted to your constant ramblings here about the long line of FWB's you have dated, had sex with, and then asked what these boys/men were thinking, feeling, or doing and why they are doing so.  You won't ask them.  You ask us.  We have no freaking idea.

If you have have found help from some--or ANY--of the answers you have received over the past few months you have been constantly posting variations of the same scenario, then take solace from those answers.  You must have realized by now that all of the answers are now in a continuing circle of the same advice you have received.  If someone already gave you good advice, follow it.  If you don't like the advice someone has given you, ignore it.  But at the very least, do yourself a favor and stop this endless circle of hooking up/worrying what he is doing or thinking/complaining and asking strangers for help.  It cannot be productive any longer.

And I say to you again... if you HAVE been prescribed medication to help you.. please be sure to take it.  If you have NOT been prescribed any medication, perhaps you should consider seeing a doctor or a therapist who can speak to you in person, offer you in-person help, and find a medical pathway that will help you deal with your mental anguish.

Go in peace.

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Okay, why don't we try something totally different. Why don't you tell us what you want us to say? How about that? I think that could work don't you?

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