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+3 votes

Are Swizzels lollies wrapping so hard to get off?

As if we need another problem 

It's always something. 

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2 Answers

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You should try living in the US, Belle!

Every over the counter medication comes with in a hermetically sealed package.. Allergy medication, hemorrhoid suppositories, stool softeners, laxatives liquid or powdered. While I appreciate a sanitary and complete seal, shouldn’t there be a slight tab or something to ease opening the package?

Clam shell packaging is all the go here also. A double thickness of industrial plastic heat sealed to the dimensions of a item, think small kitchen utensils, cosmetics etc.

Of course whenever I have needed an emergency allergy pill, I usually am someplace without an available tool to pry that beast open!

Sigh ~~

by (959,200 points)

There is a service here that can deliver your meds in little envelope packets with the right doses for the right time of day. Apparently you just rip open the top.

I'm considering signing up for it 

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The Lollies are wrapped tight to keep them in quality condition, and to guaranteed freshness for 10 months, lol. 

Open by holding the lollie while keeping the stick straight, then start twisting the wrapping where it meets at the top of the stick until it begins to unravel. 

Good luck!

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