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I actually couldn't use capital letters here its so horrible 

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As I see it no-one wins if it escalates to full out nuclear war. I'm reading tactical nuclear weapons have not been used in conflict before and are short-range. So it's hard to predict. NATO may not want to escalate. I didn't think Putin was stupid enough to go this far so it's a little worrying.

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It is essential to have a response ready.  Whether that is a limited nuclear response or something more traditional in great numbers (for example), must be carefully considered.

For example, if Russian troops fire some kind of limited nuclear weapon, perhaps the response will be the addition of American and NATO fighter jets to command the air space over Ukraine.  Perhaps in addition, it might mean Ukraine is given the green light to invade Russian territory and to use the advanced weaponry they have already been given.  Perhaps in addition to all that, it might mean the complete isolation economically and a full sea blockade of Russian water traffic, regulated by the presence of NATO-member ships, subs, and aircraft.

Such a major escalation on the "traditional warfare" level may well be in the works, and my guess is--if that IS the plan--Putin has been advised that one or more or even ALL of these measures will be implemented immediately.  If that is the case, there will be enough evidence of such a buildup/preparedness that Putin's intelligence sources could easily verify it.  This would NOT be conducted in a secretive way but would be highly touted as the world's response to Russia's use of a limited nuclear weapon.  Should Russia troops continue to use nuclear options, it might mean U.S. and NATO bombers flying into Russia to destroy their nuclear capability with traditional bombing raids, etc.  If that should fail, then the reciprocal use of limited nuclear weapons may the last resort.  That is an outcome that NO ONE wants to see.

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A huge evacuation of their collective bowels. Is my guess!

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I think Russia would get nuked right back by every nuke-owning ally of the targeted country. 

I don't think it'll happen. Putin may be crazy enough to do it, but I think his own people would take him out before he actually could. Nukes are a lose-lose plan. 

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Not to worry. Putin has 8 palaces. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putin%27s_Palace 

He likes the big desk, the big car, the big plane, the cool office space, the great whiskey and the beautiful, amorous women too much to risk it all by nuclear conflict. He's a Communist but he doesn't wants to be a dead Communist. He has too much to live for. He's having too much fun.

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I think Nato would also use tactical nuclear weapons, tactical nuclear weapons being grenades filled with plutonium, etc.

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