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Though many didn't like Taylor Swift's cover version of the Earth, Wind and Fire song "September" I happen to appreciate the tenderness she brings to the song. With that, I will always love and appreciate Earth, Wind and Fire song first and in addition to Taylor's. I seen both in concert. Both outstanding! 

Here's both. : )

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EWF is always a great choice...I just can't get on the Taylor Swift bandwagon though. 


LOL! No TS bandwagon here either, ProdigalSon. I just appreciate some of her songs, especially her covers. I have an extensive audiophile music collection. Therefore, I appreciate more than I don't.


I appreciate where you're coming from.


And, I appreciate you, Blue!


It's appreciation week!

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Great Neil Diamond song choice, ProdigalSon! I love that song! : )

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September Song

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Good song, thanks  :)

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The one I am the most nostalgic about is Maggie May!

It’s late September and I really should be back at school!

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