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And since that day I've been living two lives.

The one where everyone thinks I'm okay and the other where my heart breaks and I feel like I could scream in pain .

I look out my window and wonder how the people can go about their buissness as if everything is normal then remember that's where I need to be.

Death ends a life not the love, I miss you Hugh. 

He used to tell me "I love you" and I'd reply "I love you too" and he'd say, everytime, " I've got all their albums".

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4 Answers

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Just beautiful Belle, so touching! 

I love U2, lol.

No doubt you have an extraordinary angel who lives on through you and others who love him. You are his legacy now,  keep making him proud like you do!!!

I'll be thinking of you and your Beloved Husband Hugh today on his Heavenly Anniversary!

(We share a certain feeling that will never heal. I know exactly how you feel, Belle, the pain, the happiness, the remembering, the longing to see him again.. Losing my dearly loved , who has gone much too soon, (this past July) from Cancer, has changed my life forever).

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Keep playing those albums every day, belle.  The songs will never get old, and the treasured memories will lessen but never eliminate the pain of the loss.  Focus on the wonderful music you two made together and celebrate his life, his love for you, and the continuing love you hold for him.

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Very nice, Media! 

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That song is filled with deep meaning, to the core of my heart, Blue! 

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It’s ok not. be not ok!

I had so many people put a time limit on grief! Of course they were the ones who didn’t have anyone close to them die.

You will grieve as long as you need too!

And then one day it’s gone… like it evaporated!

The good memories aren’t gone… just the heavy weight is lifted!

I pray yours will be lifted when you are ready!

Take care!


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