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I bought a German antique clock at a car boot sale for £10 approx 6 month ago. It didn't work but its beautiful and fits into my decor perfectly. I have other options to check the time so it's just for show.

Then I happened to catch a film called  Amityville, It's about time, which is about a clock that's possessed by a demon. Hmmmmffs

Anyway, tonight I was fixing something at the side of my fireplace and rattled my head right off the edge of the damn thing  and that bloody clock started ticking.

I kid you not, tick tick tick. Both hands were moving too but I just couldn't get them to the right time.

That thing has been moved into  the spare room and if anything scary happens I'm burying it in the back garden.

FYI, the same clock is on various buy and sell sites and the asking price is £180. Will mine be worth more if  its demented? 

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I have a hundred year old pocket watch of my Grandfather’s that doesn’t work.

I would be willing to tap it against your head to see if it starts working!

However a round trip to Scotland would probably cost more than repairing the watch!

But…. I would get to meet you, so you never know I might show up someday….

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