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Facebook wants to know but be careful, you could get a 30 day ban.

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6 Answers

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I often wonder about when man discovered fire. What was he doing rubbing two rocks together originally? Like did he discover fire at the expense of something else? What was that? And did he return to that or was he just nice and cosy and couldn't be bothered? 

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No, I don't think he started by rubbing ROCKS together...  ;-)

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Wine! Its been a loooooooooooooonnnnnng day.  I'm looking forward to  settling in with a glass of wine and the latest House of the Dragon episode.

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My 4th grade history book says the 1st fire was caused when lighting struck a tree and started a forest fire. The people searching through the aftermath then found a deer that was killed and eat his flesh. It was very tasty.

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Another thing I sometimes contemplate is do folk actually not get it? Does it hit them between the eyes or go right over their head? 

But I don't lose sleep over it. 

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Pain and more pain! I have  one swollen knuckle on my right index finger! If I weren’t a tuff old bird I would go out on my deck and bay at the darn moon!

It feels like I slammed it in the darn car door!

Is it okay to cry? I may give it a go if I didn’t think it would give me a raging headache! I can’t even have a strong Irish coffee due to my pain meds! Even a rum and coke sounds good but my glucose would soar and most likely my bp too!

Getting old isn’t for sissies!


Even marijuana has never helped my severe pain!

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I sometimes wonder if all guns were taken from all the residents on earth, would PSYCHOPATHS simply choose another favorite weapon of choice????

Enquiring minds want to know!

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