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 being successfully sued today for 965M Dollars.

His reply was "what proof do you have that Sandy Hook Actually happened." Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut was where 20 children and 5 teachers were murdered by a lone gunman.

How do I answer this?

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I would not really make a direct reply.  I might laugh derisively and snort and then say, "Well, lots of people believe lots of things.  Q-anon is alive and well."

Let's face it: these people are so entrenched in their conspiracy-theory beliefs that nothing will penetrate their bubble.  The Truth, to them, by definition, is "Fake News" because it doesn't parallel their own preconceived beliefs.  Only those thing which fit into their entrenched beliefs are considered worthy.  It becomes a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy for them.  

A Trump supporter bludgeoned a police officer with a sharpened flag pole at the Capitol Building on January 6?  a) not a Trump supporter but a "false flag" operation by antifa to make Trump supporters look bad; b) the policeman was shouting anti-American slogans like "the first Amendment doesn't apply HERE" and other club-worthy comments; c) the footage was all faked and was enacted by "crisis actors" to make it LOOK like Trump supporters did this; d) the violence was small, contained, and not significant but the MEDIA made it look like it was all that was happening when in 'reality' the large majority of the police were ushering in the protesters and everything was peaceful and calm; e) all the footage was computer generated by Satanic, child-molesting, human trafficking Democrats (which includes all of them, especially including the murdering Hillary Clinton and the doddering old demon, Joe Brandon Biden.

Now THERE's some "truth," they would agree...

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My standard answer is thanks for that.

Life is what you make it.

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If I were to be ask what do I think of Alex Jones? My answer would be he got only part of what's coming to him. What's next could be worse. 

What proof?? Obviously, a person or persons, like this never lost a child or a loved one to ask such an unintelligent sad question. 

Death is proof! There's a database of all deaths in the (United States) that contain over 100 million death records plus called the National Death Index (NDI).

The death certificate is elaborate, with coroner's, funeral director's, physician's, etc. all  involved and more. It is arguably the most important legal document in existence. It's the only legal proof that someone has died. A death certificate is an absolute must to settle all estate affairs. 

The people who make up these conspiracies all have an agenda. They love creating conflict. They raise questions purposely to create doubt in others mind who may follow their lead. This type narcissism happens at all levels, even at the group levels, as we see today. It only takes one with an over inflated sense of importance. Unfortunately, there's way too many out there.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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You live in a country where hard working citizens are conned out of their cash to build a wall or pay for an orange man's bid to be a despot so it raises no eyebrows to read your comment.

Alex Jones is still asking for cash now, even after getting stuffed in a law suit.

Nicholas Cruise has escaped the death penalty and even as I respectfully do not support the D.P. one  has to wonder if its not given in a school massacre case  when is it deemed a fit punishment?. Or is it because he is white.

I think being white might actually be the common denominator. 


I believe a lot of jurors do not want the responsibility of putting someone to death! A number of people who are not overly religious balk at that thumbs down sentence!

Funny thing about personal ethics I have noticed over my near 7 decades of life, Belle, is that people will be okay to killing a baby (abortion), say no to killing in war or voting on a jury for the death penalty!

I am not judging, just saying folks are funny about where they “draw the line”!

There is something seriously wrong with folks who have no compassion for a parent who lost their young child! I lost a baby at birth 45 years ago! It almost killed me!  I can’t imagine the pain of a parent losing a small child who has been part of their daily lives for years! Seeing their toys, clothes and personal possessions after they passed on!

I literally passed out at my baby’s funeral! It was all too much!

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How did Americans get to be so stupid & awful? Were we always this way? Or has the rise of Trumpism made us worse? It’s infuriating & depressing at the same time. 

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I totally agree. It's like arguing the Earth is flat. It's ridiculous. How did these people get smarter than all the people and agencies that monitor our elections? They are either sick in the head or having us on. 

Trump is doing it so why not them? lol

Trump once said he loved the uneducated. I'm not sure if he loves them or not but he does depend on them. 

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