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US media is promoting the idea, due to the falling value of the pound.

But is the UK safe to travel?

Lol. Probably safer than most places in the US?

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3 Answers

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It's all relative. Some people feel safe if they've got a boat load of guns. Others are stuck in an ambulance queue waiting to get a bed in a hospital for hours. Also, we don't have guns but knife crime is a problem. Don't go out!

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It depends where you go and the usual common sense in relation to your personal safety will help.

Yes the £1 is in the toilet. I think its even being beaten by the euro too.

People in the U.S. should have a right good look at Britain and remember why they went to war against it 

Particularly the ones that are still spreading " the big lie"

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It seems like a good time to visit.  The pound is in the tank.  All other things remain the same.  Of course you have to deal with the airlines to get there and they pretty much suck, but that isn't new.  Crowds should be down for the off season.  

Unless putin decides to nuke London, then all bets are off. 

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