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My fwb met her up and as always, she accompanied him to where he was going. However, he was barely talking to her and then he saw a classmate and went to her and said how are you and wheres your guy friend? She told him her friend is in Poland and he said in a flirtatious voice that you never told me he was Poland. She kinda blushed.

He then went with to the girl and she began talking but he was still cold. He was whistling when standing next to her.for some reason he kept turning male names into female names like when she asked if he knew a guy called mariano he kept saying mariana, Monica etc.

Then another friend of the classmate came (he told the girl be was going to sit with them and not go with her) . While the girl was leaving he told the other classmate and told her how shes looking good.

The girl left. She left , however 5 minutes later, he left as well, saying he needed to smoke.

So now he doesnt like her right? And hes telling her subtly that hes not going be her bf and that his options are open?

I saw him going downstairs and he was looking at her when she was standing and talking to a girl and he also winked at her while leaving.

So hes now finished with her right or is he still trying to make her desperate for him by making her jealous?

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4 Answers

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Just let me know when I have to buy a hat!

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Will you go to their wedding?

She’s a sly vixen, she is!

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Knowing (according to your quotes in previous posts) your fwb is:

Manipulating - plays mind games

Passive Aggressive 

A sexual addict- has multiple sex partners


Limits conversations about himself 

Should any of his so called behavior toward you or other women be surprising? Perhaps you can’t see the forest for the trees?

by (955,680 points)

He’s obviously trying to make her jealous and you allowed him to use you and your friends to do exactly that! If you wonder why he is an ass, it’s because you enable him!


Jealous for what? Flirting with his fellow phd colleagues then turning a guys name into 2 girl names ?


You aren’t able to understand, that’s why he has you all twitterpated.  

Yep, that’s right flirting with other girls and acting like he’s a stud. It upset her and she left. He wanted a reaction from her and got one. That’s what manipulators do.


He likes her!!!!


Don’t be surprised if he asks her to get married next year!

Summer weddings are the most popular in the US. The first week in June being number 1.


We are in the uk


Where in the UK? Wales?

The most popular time for UK weddings is between the months of June-August!

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Nope.  Again. This is the third time in less than 24 hours you have posted the exact same thing, word for word.

Why not take a course in creative writing at the uni?  Why not read some more romance novels to give you more ideas?  Why not see a professional for help in finding the answers to these puerile questions that hound you in life?

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Professional help used to run $80.00 an hour here. With inflation I couldn’t imagine. Considering she seems slow in understanding his ways, she might need multiple months/years of counseling? That adds up to a pretty penny. Counselors generally ask you what you think, like you have. She just thinks he likes her or is it the other gal?? She really isn’t making much progress so far is she?


There are professionals who work for free.  School counselors, for example, since she is at the university.  In the event she goes to a house of worship, she might find help from a pastor, rabbi, or imam, etc.


Yes, but will she “flag” them if she doesn’t agree with their conclusions?

Free is good!


I'd have to say I'm in the "don't know, don't care" crowd on this one.  Her puerile rants are tiresome, and frankly, I'd rather have her flag my posts than try to engage in a conversation she can't sustain in any intelligent way.

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