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In our county the food costs have increased 13.5 %  

Aug 2021-  Aug.2022.

Some individual items more!

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4 Answers

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Our inflation rate hit a record high at 10 1% and you definitely get less bang for your money. I get my groceries delivered, to be fair it was because I bought dog/cat food in bulk and couldn't carry it. 

Anyway a basket at around 40 quid a few months ago now costs me £70 approximately.

It's energy prices that scare me, it's still Autumn but pretty cold in the evening but I'm trying to build up credit for the winter so my heating isn't on yet.

It's scary as f to be honest, how can you cut back on absolute essentials? It's going to be down to a heat or eat choice.

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I should have said food prices are more to do with Brexit than anything else.

Supermarket shelves are empty at times. Can you believe that? In a western country?

by (3,159,530 points)

I am not surprised as our country’s seem to be mirroring each other.

The other week my guy mentioned the entire saltine cracker section was EMPTY! Unheard of in the US. This section is usually 12 foot wide and contains all manner of crackers besides saltines!

Shortage of baby food and many types of soups are empty. The land of the plenty no more! Lots of holes at the grocery with items missing from diapers to frozen foods. Never ever seen a time like this and I grocery shopped with my Mom during the late ‘50’s  thru early 70’s! Crazy!

Ukraine furnished a lot of wheat to the other countries and fertilizer to the US. We have a big fertilizer shortage now! Scary!


A fertiliser shortage, that could be a bad late night joke


There’s plenty of bs to go around, tho! Lol!

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The cost of food and just about everything is breaking records. The truth is people tend to waste a lot of food, myself included. One day I decided to do something about that. I had way too much food. Mad food in fact. I had food that was stocked or way to much fresh foods that would spoil or eventually go out of date. I now only have a small stock of unperishable in case of an emergency of sorts; sick, weather. I only go grocery shopping every two to three weeks, ensuring that I use everything that I have before it will parish first. 

I'm a farmers market type girl, so I only buy fresh food/produce/meat, honey, eggs from our locals. My freezer now has very little food stored in there, same with my pantry. I keep my food budget the same no matter what, shopping the sales helps. I whip up new or different healthy dishes that I can eat for more than on day, if need be. Of course, there are times where I spend more or less depending on the occasion or holiday, etc.. 

The money I save is the money I use to help others. I donate to food banks and to other causes instead of throwing out food that I'll never use. I no longer go shopping while hungry, that's a game changer, lol.  These changes didn't happen over night, it's definitely a learning process. Especially, and because we humans are creatures of habit. 

Too add, I feel this way on just about everything now. I think most people live beyond their means, and are wasteful with just about everything, with food being the number one. Bottom line food management really works, (especially in times like these).

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We gave 60 items to a Catholic food bank in the next town over. They gladly came to pick the items up.

We eliminated all the carb items spaghetti, noodles, unopened sauces etc. We felt good providing food for those who need it!


Your food donation is music to my ears, lady4u. Definitely a good feeling. : )

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I only buy the basics anyway but fresh milk for example has gone from 1 pound to about 1 and a half pound. I've also used Olio, which lets members share food from major supermarkets for free as all the items would otherwise be destroyed as they are all on their expiry date. Perfectly good food though. I've also used Too Good to Go, which offers food at low prices again because the food would otherwise be destroyed. I also buy yellow stickered food. I bought a pizza today for example that retailed at 5 pounds but was knocked down to 1 pound and 50 pence. I've known them go for 50 pence only. If I'm lucky I can get stuff for 20 pence. Again because the item is on it's sell by date.

The above also works for me as the collection is within walking distance.

by (4,307,061 points)

That’s great! I haven’t seen those bargains here yet, though!

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