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It's not looking good.

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2 Answers

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Oh dear! What’s happening now? We don’t get many UK updates unless it is related to the Royals or protests!

by (1,048,850 points)

Oh, I see Liz Truss’s folk are quitting on her!

She says “I’m a fighter, not a quitter!”

That doesn’t sound too promising as costs go up and possibly taxes too! Not a good look for any politician these days! 

She going to need a helluva better strategy than that to keep from being ousted!


2 resignations from the top 4 cabinet members the BBC is saying. The one guy said the government is over and done with. But that's probably an over-reaction.


MP's are being manhandled in the lobbies. Oh Betty 

Braverman has resigned  as Home Secretary but considering she said her dream come true is to send asylum seekers to Rwanda she's no great loss 


She might hang on but mortgage payers are now paying 700 pounds more a month because of her mini-budget. On the other hand the financial markets sound way too powerful.


Why, Rwanda of all the places on earth???


Isn’t  mp bullying illegal? Are their individual votes announced to the public as to who voted yes or no?


Yes you can check how they voted. It usually comes out on social media if not you can just Google their name and follow the links.

Bullying, sexual assault, drunkenness and generally being a dick appears to be an essential qualification to become a cabinet minister. 


I'm no longer shocked with what people get away with in the workplace. But then I make the fatal mistake of assuming others have the same standards as I do.


Yes, it appears that £12,000 per asylum seeker and perhaps more for processing! Looks as if Denmark and Israel are involved too!

Many aren’t even being accepted in Rwanda!


Rwanda hasn't exactly got a great human rights record.

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I've just been reading about that. It's unconfirmed but apparently the chief whip and deputy chief whip have resigned.

Margarine Thatcher is a disaster but who is actually good enough to replace her to be honest.

by (3,170,390 points)

These are the people who are supposed to protect us if Putin goes Nuclear.

I'm not confident 

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