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When my fwb flirted with his classmate how she didnt tell him that her guy friend went to Poland (hes not even close or friends with her) the girl later in asked him simce when did he become friends with them.

She also asked him if he was coming with her but he told her he will sit with those 2 girls and then she left.

She was talking to him normally the next day but she did apologise for being slow in reacting to how empathetic he was towards her.

Was this her being jealous?

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4 Answers

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Do you have a 24/7 video and audio surveillance on these people?  Lordy!

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My flag collection is growing.  Belle is starting hers.

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You either have severe mental health issues or you're making all this up. This behaviour is not normal 

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Do you have a 24/7 video and audio surveillance on these people?  Lordy! 


P.S. hahahahahaha...  I will get another flag for my collection, I predict.
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