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I’ve been knowing that I’m pregnant for a little over 3 weeks. My boyfriend was the first person i told. He just seemed so excited and we have been talking about the baby. Not much but we have been talking about a baby shower and saving etc. 

Yesterday my boyfriend asked to borrow $20 which isn’t much but i have him a hard conversation about the importance of saving at a time like this. The conversation led to an argument to where he said “you’re doing better than me financially, you have all this money etc”

I asked him did he want the baby : And he admitted he just wasn’t ready for a baby right now and then he followed by you’re not ready either 

I immediately burst into tears. Because i really want to keep my baby. I couldn’t see me killing it even though I’m only 7 weeks. This might be my only opportunity to have a child so i really want to raise it. 

He argued with me for an hour over the phone and told me we both weren’t ready especially him. He told how i had all these great things going on and how a baby would set me back and that he didn’t have real income and that i should understand 

TL:DR; my boyfriend wants us to have a baby later but I’m already pregnant

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I have a hard time with advice of this sort.  

You only have a few bad choices. Carry to term and give birth, or abort.

The life of a single mother is hard.  Being a parent is hard, but doing it alone is very hard.  Both you and the child will suffer.  A lot.

The father doesn't appear to be ready to be of much help. I assume that someone explained to you what causes pregnancy.  So both of you have responsibility.  It sounds like his decision is made.  The decision then is yours.  At least you know some things about him.  Not good things. 

Unless you are 50, there will probably be other chances to get pregnant.

Good luck i your decision. 

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THIS IS AT LEAST the third time you have posted this or a version of it.  My answer is the same:


I admit I was touched when I read your post here.  However, I looked back at one of your previous posts--from May 2021--and was certainly surprised.  Here's what you wrote:

I’ve been [28M] sleeping with my ex just to find out she’s in a relationship and pregnant [26F]?


I believe you are more full of baloney than baby.  
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