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Is he crazy enough to try it?

I hope Sunak knows what he is getting into!

I personally think that is why Boris backed out!

The Leftists have left us!

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3 Answers

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Yes its Putin's excuse. He won't use nuclear weapons, he may try but it'll be the end of him. There will be nowhere for tge oligarchs to spend their cash in a nuclear desert world.

Putin will last longer than Sunak but just by a baw hair 

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I think if Putin tries to use nuclear weapons, one of his own people will take him out. Anyone in his circle who isn’t completely bonkers knows that a nuclear strike by Putin means that Russia will get one right back. Putin may be dead from cancer shortly, but I’m sure his generals aren’t eager to follow him any time soon. 

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It's a false flag as I understand it, which Putin has used before. It's also what's known as a power trip. When you let it go to your head anything is possible. Look at the madness of World War 1.

Life is what you make it.

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