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How did it go?

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4 Answers

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No, I have had two Covid shots and one booster. Plus I’ve actually had Covid.

My Rheumatologist suggested I only get the Omicron vaccine now!

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The shots are designed to protect our lungs from getting more serious or life threatening symptoms. Even when vaccinated we can still get covid but milder symptoms. Of course, those immune compromised are at a higher risk regardless.  


I to have had 2 Covid shots and one booster


And I am due for my flu and pneumonia shot my upcoming visit with my doc. He loves updating vaccines! $$$$! Lol!


Got my flu shot 2 weeks ago!

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I've had the first two shots plus the booster.  Then I had the omicron booster a couple of weeks ago.

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Thanks! i will ask my doctor about the Omicron booster.

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On November 4th I'm scheduled to receive my second Covid-19 booster. This will be a total of 4 injections for me. The current boosters have been reformulated to include protection against one of the sub-variants of Omicron. 

My first booster I felt tired and a bit feverish for only one day. My arm was tender for a couple days after. Exercise your arm by keeping it moving will help it feel better quicker. Also, I've never came down with COVID-19, yet anyway! 

: )

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Breeders`s Cup Day. nice time for a booster.

Actually i  got  only a sore arm ( very mild) for the first two  and for the booster nothing at all.

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Had it the other day. Went fine. Bit of a sore arm as with the previous jabs. Not a problem. Thank you NHS!

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not yet they dont have the one for my age


@ darhrp08- Everyone 6 months of age and older is now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccination. And, everyone ages 5 and older is eligible for a booster shot.

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