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my name is robbie perry.im 16 1/2.i go to byshs in yanceyville,nc,usa.im a nice guy but no girl has noticed me yet.i need help.

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3 Answers

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Have you seen the divorce rate? It's not good.

by (4,294,151 points)
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Good luck on this site, I've been trying for 8 years. I'm either to old or they are too young. Or you just need to get out more.

by (3,139,170 points)
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3 days ago you were from Elon, NC.

Did you move?

You can’t get a girlfriend if you have the privileges of a first grader.

Girls like guys who either play sports or go to after school activities.

Since your parents are so strict that you aren’t seen outside your house or driving a car … sorry to say your situation is hopeless.

Maybe after you get your learners permit and a driver’s license you have a chance. You basically are grounded for life by your parents right now.

Other guys can car date.. while unfortunately you can’t. Unless you strike it lucky with a girl next door this isn’t going anywhere.

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You can’t date if you can’t drive, son!

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