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I saw my fwb yesterday with his friends gf and i saw the girl as well. She was on the other street and i dont know if she saw him walking with the other girl but he saw her and started walking quickly. The girl then went in other direction

Today when i was sitting in the cafeteria, I saw that he came and he saw her but didnt say anything to her. She didnt say anything either and continued to work on her laptop. But I saw that he kept looking across the room in her direction.

She finally came to him saying she had to write thats why she didnt say anything to him and he was lied saying i didnt recognise you first cos of the seating but he was obviously lying cos he kept looking at her a few times. He didnt mention the female friend and said he has plans this weekend when she asked him what hes doing this weekend

Now it means he doesnt like her right?

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5 Answers

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It means he didn’t know how she would react to the other girl. 

You keep trying to reassure yourself that, if it makes you feel better.

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She saw him going out with me and my girls and then she asked him to meet her. But he didnt reply to her texts initially.  However 2 hours ago later she texted him saying she wont bother him again as she feels he doesnt want to talk to her and slso wrote how him leaving her on read and not replying hurts her.

Turns out he got really upset when he was drinking at the bar with us and began texting her saying hes sorry he didnt reply because he was at a birthday and didnt check his phone (he lied   and how hes perplexed by him not replying to her and hes going to be at uni on monday so they can chat if she wants to talk to him on something important. 

Why would he do this?


Because he didn’t want her to quit talking to him.

He lies because he is a liar leading a double life.

He can’t be honest about where he was because he’s afraid she’ll judge him harshly and quit being friendly with him!

He got upset, because he’s trying to balance the illusion that he has a boring life vs the reality of him out screwing around.

She’s going to find out eventually whether you tell her or not. Life is funny like that!

Expect him to “freak out”!


But he likes her then does that mean? Because he left us and went home after he panicked. He was texting non stop and he didnt stay with me either.

Why does he even care if she quits being friendly? I dont think they have much now becoz the girl probably wants to "talk" so im assuming she will ask him about their relationship 

Will he accept being her bf then if she asks?


Time will tell……


Watch what he does..

Oh, that’s right you already watch their every move!

If you’re not jealous, then why stalk them. Don’t you think stalking is kind of weird? Plus illegal?


I mean why did he text her??? He sent her multiple messages saying sorry anf he wants to talk on monday . What for?


Well, since you are everywhere they are, I’m sure you’ll know word for word!


Tell me pls


Aerosmith had a lovely song called “Dream On”

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You have no idea what both of them are thinking. As much as you'd love to get inside their heads you cannot.

Look to your mental health, this obsession is dangerously unhealthy.

Stalking is murder in slow motion. 

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Don't know what you want. To be honest.

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Me thinks she wants reassurance that he doesn’t like the “other girl” and he is just being polite when the “other girl” speaks to him. Love is blind, they say.

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You know what, Isabel... if you would just ASK him instead of asking US, this will solve all your multitudinous problems with this continuing issue.

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