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Today they finally had an epic showdown. On friday she told him she wont speak to him if he doesnt reply to her and she said how him leaving her on read made her feel like she bothered him.

An hour later, he replied by saying how hes sorry he didnt see her message and he apologises for not reaching back to her and how he was happy to talk on monday. They agreed and today she asked to meet him. He told her to common to the common room where he would be having lunch. 

However when she went there, he was already having lunch with 4 other friends and when she came to us, and tapped him, he acted like he was shocked to see her. All of us looked at her and it was such an embarrassing situation. The girl was visibly agitated and said he asked her to come and he was like ok. They went to sit next to us but she was obviously annoyed because how he reacted. He took her outside our common room where she basically told him she liked him and cared for him but if he doesnt feel the same way, she would leave from his life.

He started saying how he only saw her as a friend, acquaintance but the girl cut him down saying he doesnt treat his friends or acquaintances like that as he talks totally normal with them and with her, hes weird and not friendly at all.

He even lied to her saying how he can he like her romantically as he was seeing someone but later on added saying how he had shit weekend and how his "relationship" is dead. 

He kept insisting that he doesnt like her romantically, he even denied staring at her, but she told him off that he has never treated her like a friend or acquaintance and after how he treated her, she will not come to speak with him.

She asked him if he wants her to leave forever, she will leave from his life. He kept saying ok ok to her but refused to cut her out from his life saying he will continue to talk to her when he feels like and wont when he doesnt feel like.

He was getting very stressed and smoked 6 cigarettes at once but he didnt delete her number nor was he telling her to exit his life.

They parted after an hour of but in the end, he didnt agree to her suggestion that she will stop talking to him.

Now you can say he doesnt like her?

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4 Answers

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And then you awoke to go pee.


Answer this pls. I'm so happy

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Nothing has changed.

Same shite different day! Oh dear! And you want to make a dessert out of dog shite! Oh well, you can continue living in your fantasy world?

The Leftists have left us!

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This happened today. At least tell me if he likes her or friendzoned her?


It’s the same as it was before…. He’s panicking that she might go away!

She asked him to tell her, if he wanted her to go away. 

He didn’t! Again nothing has changed! 

I’ve told you for 5 months now he likes her!

What more do you need to know?

He could be rid of her, yet he panicked at the thought that might happen!



Girl lmaooo. Did you even read? He clearly denied anything romantic and even denied staring at her . Granted she replied back to all his arguments and cornered him that he was being dishonest but he can never come back from this now after saying he doesnt like her. He tried to insult her in front of us as well by pretending he had no idea she was going to come.he even told her he was in a relationship which is dead lmaoo

Just because he did not want to snap off their relationship completely doesnt mean he didnt. The girl said she wont approach him anymore and he never goes to her, so its over already


Nope, a guy who isn’t at all interested in her would agree it’s best she leave. He still hasn’t deleted her number. He was all stressed out and according to you “He was smoking 6 cigarettes at once”

All his denial and yet his actions give him away as your actions give you away.

He’s a mental case, sex addict who gets himself into these situations. He has you stalking both of them in a never ending saga of “he said,she said”

And she is all butt hurt a basic stranger doesn’t show her any respect!

This shite show has gone on for 5 months and will likely continue another 5, because you can’t let it go!

You read but never understand? If he dislikes her, hates her, blah blah blah Why does he apologize to her and say ok,ok,ok? Why does he get so stressed about her and panic if he doesn’t care about her?

You can’t answer that question and obviously neither can he!

Nothing has changed!

Today he made paper pyramids and kept it on his computer 

But he was not happy cos he was listening to her criticising him and his actions and he didnt like that. He knows she wont approach him so he's already over?
I told you he was controlling his temper and saying its pissing him off. He also claimed he saw her as friend or acquaintance but she cut him short saying he hasnt treated her as a friend or acquaintance.  He probably didn't expect her to be this fiery as he said she is very calm and gentle

Time will tell!

Hopefully he has his anxiety meds nearby!


Also the only thing he reacted to was when she said does he realise how much it hurts and he said yes he knows how it hurts.

Also he smoked and stressed while he was with her. Not after she left. She asked him if he wanted her to completely stop and he said he will speak to her when he wants to and won't when he doesn't want to

But why so u think his actions give away he does like her?


Because if he doesn’t care about her he would be fine with her going and he would delete her phone number.


But then he told her he was dating his relationship is dead and how he's only seen her as a friend or acquaintance etc. If he cared he wouldn't do this?


You know virtually nothing about this fwb!

1) Where he lives, he’s kept you clear of his actual home.

2) He may actually be living with someone or married with a child or children.

3) He makes the rules for you and her both manipulating, lying and denying.

4) No guy goes through all that stress for a mere acquaintance.

He’s playing both of you and it’s working!


I told u he wasn't stressed outside of her. He was smoking 6 cigs when he was with her and getting pissed off with her. 

He just made paper pyramids I think because she told him that the people he insulted her in front  of used to spread gossip about him and i think if he made them then it was probably to protect against negativity

He himself called he doesn't like her. What other proof you need? If he liked her he would accept her?


He a male chauvinist and doesn’t like to be confronted. Good for her for sticking up for herself not acting like a doormat letting him walk all over her!

He got ruffled because she basically asked him to choose if she leave or not. He didn’t choose!

Nothing has really changed.



OK but he knows she is not as soft or gentle that he thought she was so why still keep her? He was fricking mad at her but he didn't choose for her to leave. I dont understand this part.

It has changed because now they won't talk. She already rejected him saying she's not going to approach him anymore and he doesnt do it himself so they will naturally die out? What's the point of keeping her number?


Because he isn’t done with her.

One or the other over the next week will approach the other and  “the dance” will begin again!

And you will be here again asking “What does it mean”


She won't do it. She already flat out said it. He won't do it cos of ego so it won't happen?.

After telling her hes in a relationship that is dead how can u say he isn't done?


If he was truly done he would have chosen her to leave and deleted her phone number.

He didn’t so he isn’t done!

Simple logic. Although he likes to think he can’t be figured out.


Then why even say hes in a dead relationship?  He literally told her that his relationship is dead


Because he isn’t used to being confronted. When he is confronted he lies.

Dead relationship, birthday party on and on and on!

A liar …lies!


Did he tell her this on purpose? Because he was yes when she said how his other PhD colleagues gossiped about him to her that he's seeing someone last year and then she confronted him saying why didn't he tell her to which he had no reply and then he was like I had a shit weekend, so many problems in my private life and my relationship is dead.

So he knows she can be quite confrontational and you are saying hes a chauvinist so how can this type of guy like someone who is out of his control?


He is even lying to himself. He doesn’t want to be out of control which he clearly is, or he wouldn’t have panic attacks.

If she stresses him out that much why not be rid of her altogether?

He’s all messed up, wouldn’t you agree!


He did in a polite way? She was the one running this show and with her not going to do it anymore, he can get rid of her because he won't speak to her on his own as he never did and she won't either .

He didn't tell her but that is how it will end? Because he said if this is how they were parting or it would end when she said she wont do anything anymore

Also what was the point of friendzoning her?


Like I said time will tell. They will be talking before this week is over!

OK but what about friendzoning?
Acting shocked in front of friends?

Doubt they will be talking I can assure u

He friend zones everyone. He never commits to a one on one relationship. He apologized to her, why not tell her off?

Why was he so polite?


She was pressing him that how he behaved in front of those friends then he said ok I'm sorry and when she accused him of ignoring her texts before.

He knows they won't talk cos she said she wont text, approach so he doesnt have to tell her off? 


He’s apologizing.

A weak attempt to keep her from stalking off.

He doesn’t have to tell her off but it would end it right then and there. He didn’t. 

One or the other or both will give in enough to keep this charade going!

And again you’ll be gobsmacked!


He apologises on Friday then insults her in front of his that group of people. He apologises only because she pointed out how he did that to hurt her. He saw how vocal she is so he now knows

She won't do it and he won't do it either?

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You know what, Isabel... if you would just ASK him instead of asking US, this will solve all your multitudinous problems with this continuing puerile issue.

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Stop letting these people live in your head rent free. So he has a crush on her, is fucking you and dating someone else? He's a loser and you are better off cutting him out of your life completely and getting some much needed therapy rather than continuing to tie yourself into knots over this ridiculously overblown drama you've been posting for months. Find a more fulfilling hobby. 

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He clearly denied anything romantic and even denied staring at her . Granted she replied back to all his arguments and cornered him that he was being dishonest but he can never come back from this now after saying he doesnt like her. He tried to insult her in front of us as well by pretending he had no idea she was going to come.he even told her he was in a relationship which is dead lmaoo

Just because he did not want to snap off their relationship completely doesnt mean he didnt. The girl said she wont approach him anymore and he never goes to her, so its over already


You keep believing that…

And yet nothing has changed. Lol!


Tell me why you think him friendzoning her didn't change anything?


Because he said he will talk to her when he wants. Sooo. Nothing has changed.


She wont approach   they talked when she used to approach. She said she wont. So they wont talk


She ended their relationship today too. She saw him with me and the 2 other girls (when he tried to act surprised and shocked in front of us) and then she texted him that she is leaving his life and will not be in contact with him as he never cared for her 

I saw him in the room and he was either sleeping with his head down for an hour or so or I don't know but when he got up, he was doing his writing. He didn't reply to her but 2-3 times I saw him get up and stand or walk around then sit and he still didn't delete her number 


Why doesn’t he end it then and delete her number? Hmmm?


What do you mean?? He didn't reply to her texts where she said she ends this


He didn’t agree and then delete her phone number.


But so what? She ended it today by telling him goodbye. He didn't reply in his defense to her texts. But their relationship or whatever it was is over. 

Him not deleting it means nothing now?

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