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+1 vote

And fry it in butter  till its black, add salt and eat it.

And that's not my strangest thing.

in Diet and Health by (3,159,530 points) 1 flag

2 Answers

+1 vote
Anything cooked in butter is good.  Probably cardboard is a delicacy.  
by (1,626,830 points)
+1 vote

Who the heck, flags an onion option?


by (1,006,160 points)

Perhaps the same person who has been flagging all of my posts, mostly on her own posted questions.  Maybe not...  LOL


Could beeeee!


Maybe it was the save the onion brigade  


You may be right... I hear there are layers of them... enough to make you cry!


I know folk can be sensitive about right or left, but who knew the vegetables had their own activist?

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