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In Scotland you need to opt out rather than opt in 

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6 Answers

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They put it on your drivers license and I am a yes.  But I don't think that they can use much.  Recently I developed a heart problem so that is probably a no go.  I have had a lot of kidney stones so they are pretty scarred. One kidney ruptured while they were trying to crush a stone.  I probably drank too much for my liver to be useful to anyone,  my corneas might be ok.  One has a scar on it from a youthful accident involving a fire cracker, but I can still.see through them so maybe good.  

bones can be transplanted, so maybe bones could be used.  

If anyone can use anything, they are welcome to it.  

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Love it, a good life lived.. 


Yes I think thats right. Its automatic unless you opt out organs can be removed without any further debate. There is a datebase I believe. 

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I used to be… then I got this damnable auto-immune disease and took my name off.

The Leftists have left us!

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I'm in.

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I am.  State here asks when you get a drivers license and if you say yes puts you on the registry and marks it on your license.  

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Yes. I made sure it’s on my drivers license. When I’m dead, anything I have that can help someone else is theirs to take. I mean… I’m dead, right? What good are my organs & retinas to me at that point? 
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I am, they can take whatever they can use once I pass. I also donate blood on a semi regular basis though I've had to take a break recently. 

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