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My child’s father (ex) [27M] saw that i kept our baby [25F] and has been yelling at me all day about it

Over a month ago my ex boyfriend and i had the hugest argument ever over my pregnancy. He didn’t want the child due to him having good things going in our lives and felt like a child would mess us up and be a burden. After back and fourth arguing there was nothing i could do but end the relationship. 

The argument consisted of hun begging for me to get an abortion, me being harassed about my choice, him bribing me with money, him emotionally manipulating me, me getting blocked on social media as well as my phone number. 

And the first few weeks of the breakup i wasn’t coping well but after today i started to feel better about him leaving me. 

Today i had an ultra sound and i saw my baby for the first time i cried so hard when i saw it. I saw and heart my babies heart beat. I took pictures and posted them on Facebook. because i was so excited.

A few minutes after i posted my pictures of my ultra sound my child’s father starts calling me . Messaging me on facebook, calling me from his moms numbers, i was confused because just over a month ago he blocked me because i decided to be a single mom.

So i answer the phone and he literally starts fussing at me saying he saw the pictures and he told me not to keep it ,and I’m not ready, he told me that he wasn’t ready and he told me to abort it , he said I’m messing my life up … he just called me to harass me once again about the baby. He told me that i was keeping the baby so i can go around town telling everyone he is a dead beat etc…

TL:DR; what do i do how do i handle this

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3 Answers

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Find out what you have to do to file for child support.

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Well, your older posts claim you are a MALE with a FEMALE girlfriend... and now you're posting as a female.

 I looked back at one of your previous posts--from May 2021--and was certainly surprised.  Here's what you wrote:

I’ve been [28M] sleeping with my ex just to find out she’s in a relationship and pregnant [26F]?


I believe you are more full of baloney than baby.  



My ex and i broke up 6 months ago. We still talk because we have a 2 year old son. She broke up with me and i begged for her back but she basically told me to give up in her own words so i started the move on process. 

For the past month she’s been sort of showing signs that she wanted me back.  Flirting. Being touchy feely when i come and get our son. And i took her up on her offer and we started having sex regularly. 

Today while at work i unblocked my ex. We had a nasty break up and i blocked her from social media also to help me move in since she was the one who ended things. But now that we are sexually active again i unblocked her and tried to re add her. I went on her Facebook only to find she’s been in a relationship for 5 months , she regularly posts about her boyfriend, she’s also pregnant and her boyfriend is in jail, as well as she had been talking shut about me on Facebook. 

TL:DR; I’m shocked and feel used and I’m not sure what to do i started catching feelings for her again


SO... how do you explain your sex change?
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lol he or she doesn't give up easily.


Obviously, men can get pregnant now! Who knew? ; - D))


I've been known to put a bun in the oven.




Thank you. It's a magical gift.

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You are going to be a wonderful mother and these are your choices. You must when he does this to you find your own space to make decisions that are good for you. I want you to think now about how you will be when the baby arrives to check in with yourself between now and then when you can. I know your Ex partner will probably harrass you and upset you. You must take heart from the choice you have made and never look back at where you were but forward to the place you want to be with your child. 

your going to be a wonderful mother in every way and you do not need to worry or concern yourself with that bit of your recent past. 

The very best in your pregnancy and bless you for having the courage to make what miust have been a difficult decision. 

Anthony Palmer Brighton England. 

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