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She decided to quit it and wrote him that she has been disrespected enough, how he has hurt her intentionally and does not want to continue this association. She wished him goodbye and take care. He didn't reply to her message but even after all this, he still didn't delete her from his contacts.

Why is he still keeping her number when he himself told her they have no relationship and when she ended it?

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2 Answers

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Why delete the number?

It costs him nothing to keep it.

No one can tell what the future holds.  The number may be a valuable contact later.

He probably knows that it drives you crazy, although that is a pretty short drive, and might be useful for that alone. 

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On friday she told him she wont speak to him if he doesnt reply to her and she said how him leaving her on read made her feel like she bothered him.

An hour later, he replied by saying how hes sorry he didnt see her message and he apologises for not reaching back to her and how he was happy to talk on monday. They agreed and today she asked to meet him. He told her to common to the common room where he would be having lunch. 

However when she went there, he was already having lunch with 4 other friends and when she came to us, and tapped him, he acted like he was shocked to see her. All of us looked at her and it was such an embarrassing situation. The girl was visibly agitated and said he asked her to come and he was like ok. They went to sit next to us but she was obviously annoyed because how he reacted. He took her outside our common room where she basically told him she liked him and cared for him but if he doesnt feel the same way, she would leave from his life.

He started saying how he only saw her as a friend, acquaintance but the girl cut him down saying he doesnt treat his friends or acquaintances like that as he talks totally normal with them and with her, hes weird and not friendly at all.

He even lied to her saying how he can he like her romantically as he was seeing someone but later on added saying how he had shit weekend and how his "relationship" is dead. 

He kept insisting that he doesnt like her romantically, he even denied staring at her, but she told him off that he has never treated her like a friend or acquaintance and after how he treated her, she will not come to speak with him.

She asked him if he wants her to leave forever, she will leave from his life. He kept saying ok ok to her but refused to cut her out from his life saying he will continue to talk to her when he feels like and wont when he doesnt feel like.

He was getting very stressed and smoked 6 cigarettes at once but he didnt delete her number nor was he telling her to exit his life.

They parted after an hour of but in the end, he didnt agree to her suggestion that she will stop talking to him.

3 days later She saw him with me and the 2 other girls (when he tried to act surprised and shocked in front of us) and then she texted him that she is leaving his life and will not be in contact with him as he never cared for her 

I saw him in the room and he was either sleeping with his head down for an hour or so or I don't know but when he got up, he was doing his writing. He didn't reply to her but 2-3 times I saw him get up and stand or walk around then sit and he still didn't delete her number 

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You know what, Isabel... if you would just ASK him instead of asking US, this will solve all your multitudinous problems with this continuing puerile issue.

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What, and have him assault a trash can??? Her fwb doesn’t like confrontation and prying, obviously! Next he’ll punch out a vending machine!


Isabel, you have my response to that link already, so why you thought it was a good idea to post it here escapes me.  In case you missed it, here is what I wrote:

Who cares?  Is it YOUR business?  Then stay out of it.

Stop this puerile posting and move on with your life.  

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