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She spoke with the guy today. After she messaged him 2 days ago, she was leaving the uni and I saw him looking at her and nodding to her. She eventually stopped and said about the message and he was like how the messages were harsh and rude. She said how she felt by his behaviour that day but he started saying he doesnt like her and doesn't want anything from her so why is she making an issue.

She said shes not concerned with that but with how he acted on front of those people and he started saying if she doesnt know those people then why does it bother her how he acted. He even said that her message to him on Friday made him angry and it sounded as if he owes her something.

I did hear her saying that if someone keeps leaving him on read how will he feel and that's why she wrote to him that if he doesnt want to speak, he can tell her. 

She said she felt bad over how he acted but he started saying how hes getting very angry and then kicked a trashcan nearby.

He also began saying why would she continue to accompany him on the stairs and why would she interrupt his conversations with other people and then even said that he never even considered their association as friendship.

However, he was like I say hello to everyone so I will continue saying hello to you too but she didnt agree and said that her message was clear that she doesn't want to talk and then he was like ok lets not talk. He was also trying to push it on her that it's her decision to stop talking and not his as he has no opinion over it.

So now they are finally done . But is this a narcissist behaviour?

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Who cares?  Is it YOUR business?  Then stay out of it.

Stop this puerile posting and move on with your life.  

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There isn't an infinite membership on here, you've had your replies.  Bumping your questions doesn't get you more responses. I think its time you either accepted the experience based advice you've been given or get therapy.

You need help.

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I think we are all different and your need to interfere or have influence is disrupting you a bit. Move on or get help,

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