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Is this going to be a “hanging chad” moment!

Maricopa county has millions of voters who could be affected.

Arizona is considered a toss up state and crucial for either party.

Kari Lake attempted a lawsuit to prevent this very situation. Unfortunately the judge ruled her suit to vague in its scope.

Oh dear! Let the finger pointing begin!

Katie Hobbs is the Democrat who is in charge of that state’s election process and Lake’s opponent.

They are running for governor.

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5 Answers

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Oh here we go. The trumpeters have been laying the groundwork to claim stolen election for 2 years.

So transparent, how insulting to the American people being treated as if they are stupid 

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+3 votes

So radical, it's gotta be fake.

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And how would anyone that this?  The voting is still open.  No one knows what tabulation is going on.  Keri lake is full of bullshit and so is the source of this story.  I smell russians.

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This account was reported by Maricopa county recorder Stephen Richer.

It is a technical problem and they are trying to resolve the issue.


I saw that.  My apologies.  I would have thought that they would have tested these before you have to have them.  And who cares really.  One working tabulator should be enough.  Just tabulate slower.

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In my Independent mind this is just another intended distraction, no more exciting than it has been with the previous accusations!

When fact checked, several sources state that the malfunctions are not evidence of wrongdoing. So, apparently, there's no evidence of fraud, widespread or otherwise. Officials say uncounted ballots were secured and would be sent to a central tabulator to be counted; a practice followed by other Arizona counties.

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Nope. Wrong.  Republicans are in charge of Maricopa County elections. I live here. 

Kari Lake is batshit insane. She was screaming about fraud long before the election even happened. She said months  ago that  she would not accept the election results if she didn’t win. She would be claiming it was rigged whether there were any mishaps or not. 

This is all on Republicans. 

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