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Strike action. First time in 106 years no less.

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Nurses and teachers are perhaps the hardest-working and most-underpaid in our society, considering their education and the responsibilities they shoulder.  (Granted, there are those in every profession who are not worth a spit.  But those are in the small minority.)

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The nurses in Scotland were offered an uplift equivalent to 8.45%, they turned it down. They say they are overworked and understaffed which is a danger to patients. So to remedy that they just won't go to work 

It's blackmail, Scotland gets a block grant, a partial refund of the revenue take. That grant was  cut by the UK government by 1.5 billion, it has a lot to go around. The Scottish Government have no borrowing powers and must balance the books.

 Which service do the nurses want the money to be taken from I wonder. Police or fire maybe. Or schools. 

Who knows but there is no magic money tree and the pot isn't that  big. 

I don't know how they will manage a strike, sick people can't do it themselves. 

I see bad things happening.

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Our nurses are overwhelmed,overworked as well! I witnessed this first hand during the first quarter of 2022 being hospitalized 4 times!

The firing of unvaccinated nurses, cops and military for not taking the jab has not strengthened this country!

I don’t know if UK nurses were similarly fired? 

The nurses worldwide worked long drawn out shifts throughout the pandemic succumbing to the Covid virus themselves. Having had the virus tends to offer as much protection as multiple jabs have.

Hopefully a good compromise is met between the parties benefiting both!

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