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New to instagram so I recently added a few people from a fitness community. I notice the fitness community uploads content on Instagram than FB

So I added crush and now we follow on Instagram. I noticed that he views and liked some of my instagram stories and posts. 

I "slid into his DM" twice. The first one was I made a suggestion on a cool place to eat and the second one was I applauded him about a post he posted on Instagram and both times he acknowledged and responded promptly 

Does he like me? Into me? Has a crush on me? What does it mean?

Thanks in advance 

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1 Answer

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At this point it means he responded promptly. I don’t see how you can read more into it than that? But, I’m old. People my age asked their crush out for a date. How out dated is that? Loll!

The Leftists have left us!

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I'm also old school too. I don't know how to approach this. Honestly, I'm terrified to ask him out.  I want this guy to initiate the asking part


In every relationship someone must initiate. If you have 2 passive partners nothing is likely to happen.

If you remain passive the onus remains on your friend.

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